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Nous sommes là, à vos côtés, pour rendre votre séjour le plus extraordinaire et le plus agréable possible. N’hésitez pas à nous consulter. 

Our goal

We are trying to develop Amazonita as a guest accommodation that is harmoniously set in its natural and cultural surroundings and that offers lodging and memorable learning experiences in a remote part of the world while protecting the environment and benefitting the local community. We are handling our activities responsibly but also simplicity, humility and conviviality! A lifetime project Zephirin, the French owner, is passionate about adventure, untouched nature, “end of the world” atmosphere… After having traveled the world in search of his “eldorado”, he finally succumbs to the charms of this region and this little gold mining village. Settling there 15 years ago, he won the respect of the locals and works closely with them to develop responsible tourism in this area of incredible richness. For more than 15 years, he has been developing with William and Zulay, a couple of ticos (local name designating Costa Ricans), Amazonita Ecolodge in an eco-responsible spirit and in harmony with the community. An eco-friendly approach We are trying to reduce our impact on the incredible nature that surrounds us as much as we can.. Only 10% of the 10 hectares (25 acres) of the property are used by the lodge (and most of this “developed” area are gardens). The remaining 9 hectares are a “Conservation Zone”. All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly We recycle as much waste as we can The construction materials are ecological. We do our best to use as little cement and chemical products as we can. The wood comes from naturally fallen trees, we are using bamboo grown on the property and even our paint is made from a secret recipe based on local colored earth. In harmony with the community Since the prohibition of gold mining, the community has decided to take its future in hands to protect and enhance the incredible environment that surrounds it and to develop eco-friendly tourism. The lodge is very involved in those actions and very active in the Association of Development of the village (the owner, Zephirin, has been an active member of the board for many years). When you visit this area, you participate actively in this admirable process. Many former Gold Miners are now National Guides and they are government trained and locally knowledgeable. They know all the secrets of the rainforest and have a lot of stories to tell…


After your reservation, receive your digital welcome booklet. You can download it on your phone and you will have all the information you need to prepare your stay and to get to the lodge. Once on site, you will have a practical guide, always available, of the house and its surroundings with maps, geolocalizations, itineraries.


Relaxing massage. With all her state diplomas in her pocket, Zulay is at your disposal to offer you a wellness treatment. Do not hesitate to call upon her services, she does wonders… 25$ / 45 minutes

Zulay can also offer you manucure or pedicure sessions.


We can organize your travel by cab. Do not hesitate to contact us. The cost of the ride between Puerto Jimenez and Dos Brazos is $25.

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